Foster Parents Of Missing Child Leave Bay Area

There was a new twist Monday night in the case of missing Fremont five-year- old Hasanni Campbell who disappeared last August. His foster parents -- who were once suspects in the case -- have moved away from the Bay Area.KTVU has also learned that there has been new police activity at their former home in Fremont.Campbell’s foster father Louis Ross claimed he left the child outside a Rockridge district shoe store where Hasanni's aunt and foster mother Jennifer Campbell worked. He said that when he returned minutes later, Hasanni was gone.But no one ever saw the boy in the busy neighborhood and tracking dogs never found his scent. Now the couple, long under suspicion in the boy’s disappearance, has apparently moved out of the Bay Area.San Leandro businesswoman Sherri Miller has organized vigils, searches, and fundraisers to try to find the missing boy. At first, the events were with the participation of Campbell’s foster parents. “Don't let him be a picture on a milk carton,” said Ross in an interview last August not long after the boy disappeared.Almost six months after that interview took place, the Fremont house Ross rented with Jennifer Campbell stood vacant and for sale.A neighbor who didn't want to be identified said the couple packed up with their new two-month-old baby two weeks ago. “There was a lot of stuff being thrown away,” said the neighbor. “There was a couple of people who came to help with the move.”At about the same time, another neighbor said she saw police come around and seize one of the couple's cars.“I saw a cop and they had a tow truck,” said neighbor Joey Ann. “They towed a BMW, I think. It was a white car.”Monday night, Oakland police did not confirm any new turns in the case.Ross was cooperative with authorities during the investigation until he and Jennifer Campbell were arrested on suspicion of murder and jailed briefly. Charges were never filed due to lack of evidence.“Once they were arrested, they cut off contact with everybody,” said Sherri Miller.Miller said in December, when volunteers tried to post missing flyers around the couple's Fremont home, Ross told them to "get the hell out."Hearing the couple may be gone for good affirmed her worst fears about their motives.“If you care anything about that child, you'd be doing everything in your power; you'd be on every tv station you could, trying to find this child unless you know there's no hope of finding him,” said Miller. “Jennifer's had her baby. She's recovered. There's no reason for her not to be looking for her nephew and trying to come up with some answers.”Miller also voiced concerns about the couple’s newborn child.“It makes me wonder about their new baby,” said Miller. “What kind of safety does she have?”The last time Hasanni Campbell was seen publicly -- four days before he was reported missing -- was captured on surveillance video as the little boy walked in a Walmart store in Fremont with his foster parents and two-year-old sister.Monday night, KTVU spoke by phone with Hasanni's maternal grandmother. She said she did not know where the couple is, or if they're still together.A rally is planned outside Oakland Police headquarters on February 10th to show Hasanni Campbell has not been forgotten.

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