Arson Dog Finds Evidence In High-Profile Fires

By Tom Murray

MILWAUKEE - Investigators credit "Moon", a specially trained black lab, for uncovering key clues in two recent high-profile fires.

At the Menomonee Falls mansion of accused day care scammer Latasha Jackson, Special Agent Jeff Fennig says Moon led him to a suspicious substance only a few hours after they started searching.

Following the East Side fire that destroyed ten apartments and three restaurants, including Pizza Man, it took moon only minutes to pinpoint the origin. The dog finds what may have started the blaze, then it's up to people to determine if there's a crime.

"For example, finding gasoline in the middle of the living room would not be a normal thing," Fennig explained.

To show off Moon's arson sniffing skills, Fennig swabbed a dab of gasoline in a vacant training house.

It took the 6-year-old lab only seconds to track it down.

"He got the scent," Fennig described the demonstration. "Now he's working it."

The dog with a badge only gets to eat when he finds flammables liquids, so he practices every day that he's not at a crime scene.

Moon is the only active law enforcement dog in the state with arson training from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. His value is estimated at $50,000.

"Moon can go in and find in five minutes what it might take us five days to find," Fennig told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.

Fennig works for the Office of the State Fire Marshal. He is Moon's only handler and the dog is under Fennig's care at all times.

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