Search For Missing Georgia Hunter Continues Past Two Weeks

For the 15th day, recovery teams returned to the Jim Woodruff Dam area to continue looking for a missing Albany, Georgia man.
Divers searched along the east bank of the Apalachicola River, looking for 34-year-old John Slappey's body.
Today's frigid temperatures only added to the difficulties of an already-exhaustive mission.

The water levels along the Apalachicola River have receded several feet since 34-year-old John Slappey first disappeared on Sunday, December 20th.
"Some of the gates at the dam, they're starting to close, they're not closing them all the way, but they're slowing the water somewhat which has made the current not near as swift," says JCSO Dive Team Lieutenant Mike Hodges.
It was those swift currents that carried Slappey through one of the gates of the Jim Woodruff Dam when he disappeared more than two weeks ago.
He was duck hunting in a float tube at the time.
For many of these law enforcement agencies and volunteers, this search has become one of the longest with which they've ever been involved.
"It's disappointing that we haven't been able to recover the victim yet," says Chattahoochee Police Chief Vann Pullen.
But they're refusing to give up.
State forestry workers cut down several trees along the east river bank Sunday, reducing obstacles for the divers.
"The cadaver dogs have been searching a certain area where we're at right now, trying to clear out debris, there's so much debris filling in from the bank."
And Monday's freezing temperatures didn't help.
Hodges believes the colder water is delaying the decomposition of Slappey's body.
"I'm not an expert on that by no means, water temperature build, body mass has a lot to do with like right now, it's 46 degrees on the surface so it would probably hinder us."
Although the long search has tested many of these men and women, they say they will continue looking as long as possible.
"I don't wanna give up, I don't want to get to that point, I wanna get him home so the family can continue with their closure."
But hope grows dimmer with each passing day.
Pullen says they'll will begin scaling back operations after Wednesday.

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