Police Look for Clues in Death of Michelle Jaeger

A family is looking for answers as police look for clues into the death of Michelle Jaeger. Her body was found hidden in a patch of woods in Manitowoc County on Sunday. Now, Jaeger's sister is talking about how devastated the family is after hearing the news. "Words can not describe our sense of loss over the death and shock we feel over the circumstances regarding her death." Lynn Dusold, Michelle's sister told us.

On Tuesday, Investigators were back at the home Michelle shared with her boyfriend Roger Rosenthal, gathering evidence. Teams visited the home twice last week. According to search warrants Michelle Jaeger's car was in the garage on Wednesday but when investigators returned on Saturday, it was gone.

Jaeger's car was found a short time later at the Calumet Medical Center. Cadaver dogs picked-up a scent on the rear wheel well and trunk area leading investigators to reddish brown spots in the trunk. That same day, police arrested Rosenthal for obstructing an officer.

According to documents, Rosenthal told police he had not had personal contact with Jaeger since January 9th. He further indicated; He received a call from Jaeger on January 17, 2010, from Jaeger's cell phone But according to police, the records show no calls were made from Jaeger's phone since she went missing on January 9th. "Michelle left us in a way we never predicted or expected." Dusold said.

Michelle's autopsy was performed on Tuesday Officials have not released information on what the autopsy revealed. Roger Rosenthal is expected to be in a Manitowoc County Court on Wednesday facing a charge of hiding a corpse.

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