Dogs Continue Search for Missing Teen

On Tuesday, Dave Drozdowski and his yellow labs were ready to get down to business.

"The dogs can obviously smell things differently than people can see," he said. "It's just a more thorough search right now."

Dave is a member of the St. Louis County Rescue Squad, which is helping in the search for Sylvester "Sly" McCurry. Dave's two dogs, Abe and Otter, are trained to locate anything from a small trace of blood to a body. He uses one dog at a time during a search.

"If I tell him to check something, he'll check it a little closer," said Dave.

Officials say they have no evidence that leads them to believe McCurry is dead, but they want to search again. Dave was assigned to the area behind Stargate Night Club, the last place McCurry was seen.

Dave says he can tell by his dogs' behavior whether they're following a scent.

"You can kind of read the dog," he said. "He'll get real excited, but his final alert would be to sit."

Quickly into the search, Abe honed in on a house about 100 feet from Stargate.

Dave says it was obvious Abe smelled something suspicious. As he's trained to do, he sat down.

Seeing Abe's reaction, Dave brought his second dog over to the same area. Watch the video of Otter's reaction.

The dogs' reactions sparks Dave's interest, but he was quick to admit they could be smelling something unrelated to Sly's disappearance.

"Animals are wrong sometimes," he said.

Dave said there were plenty of other explanations for his dogs' behavior.

"I'm just throwing out a scenario...but if someone got in a fight and got a bloody nose and sat here, [Abe] would find that blood," he said. "So you never know if it's something or nothing."

The house was vacant, but officers were able to locate the owner, who came to unlock the door. Police and the dogs searched inside and found nothing. Coincidentally, the owner of the house says a man died of natural causes inside several years ago.

So with no sign of Sly, the search teams continued on. They planned on searching other areas in the north end of Superior, hoping somewhere else might yield more clues.

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