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A search and rescue dog is currently working Cerro San Luis to find a scent of the Cal Poly student who has been missing since Monday. The search is taking place because the man’s bicycle was found at the base of the hill.

“There are a couple of teams up there, but we are giving the dog a good chance before he trails get too contaminated,” said San Luis Obispo police Capt. Ian Parkinson.

While Charles Tamae, 20, has been missing since Monday, his roommates reported him missing to police on Wednesday. He was seen in one class on Monday, but not a second class.

He has hiked Cerro San Luis before, according to what his roommate told police.

--Sally Connell

11:30 a.m.

A helicopter has been circling Cerro San Luis Obispo, and police are planning a ground search of the mountain after police found what they believe to be the bicycle of missing Cal Poly student Charles Tamae at the base of the mountain.

City police did call in the CHP helicopter for assistance, and it was circling the mountain this morning in an attempt to see the missing young man.

The county Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Team is getting into position to search, according to San Luis Obispo police Capt. Ian Parkinson. He said they were trying to keep searchers off the mountain until the search dogs can start tracking, because the dogs can be more effective that way.

Tamae, a 20-year-old landscape architecture major, was reported missing Monday by his roommates.

“He has hiked here several times,” Parkinson said. Parkinson said that while they do not have an actual serial number on the bicycle, the one found at the base of the mountain was identified by a roommate of Tamae’s as belonging to the missing student.

--Sally Connell

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