Sarah Foxwell: Maryland Girl’s Body Found

Sarah Maxwell went missing during the night on Tuesday. She was reported missing when she wasn’t in her bedroom on Wednesday morning, December 23, 2009. The 11-year-old Maryland girl’s body was found on Christmas Day.

Thomas J. Leggs, Jr., 30-years-old was arrested and charged with burglary and with kidnapping Sarah Haley Foxwell shortly after she went missing. He was the last person to be seen with her during the night on Tuesday.

Sarah and her 6-year-old sister lived with Amy Fothergill, their aunt and guardian. An under-age witness described Sarah as leaving the bedroom with someone she called ‘Tommy’ and described what he was wearing. Leggs was wearing the same clothes when he was questioned by police later in the day. The aunt noticed that Sarah’s toothbrush was missing, it was later found in a truck that Leggs admitted he had been driving. Leggs is a former boyfriend of Fothergill and a registered child sex-offender. He was taken into custody on Wednesday night for suspicion of burglary and kidnapping Sarah.

Local, state and federal investigators spent the days before Christmas searching for the missing girl throughout the area. Dive teams searched local lakes, sniffer dogs and helicopters were used to help in the search.

Thousands of people had shown up on Christmas to help search the area for Sarah, hoping she’d be found alive. Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis held a news conference on Christmas Day to announce that the Maryland girl’s body was found in a rural Delmar area near the Delaware state line around 4 p.m. on December 25, 2009.

Thomas Leggs is a registered sex offender in both Maryland and Delaware. Authorities have described him as not being cooperative in the criminal investigation. Leggs has not been charged with addition crimes until an autopsy is completed on the Maryland girl’s body. He is currently being held at the Wicomico County Detention Center without bail.

Below is a video of the news conference in which it was reported that Sarah Haley Foxwell’s body had been found.

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