Police recover body from Rouge River in Livonia

Livonia police recovered a man's body Tuesday afternoon in the Upper Rouge River just south of Eight Mile and west of Inkster Road.

The body of Matthew Plaskov, 32, of Livonia was found near where Plaskov's home was located, according to Sgt. Jim Siterlet.

Siterlet believes Plaskov may have fallen in while trying to walk on fallen trees near the river. He had a dog leash with him so he may have been walking around the park area looking for his missing dog.

“There were no signs of foul play,” Siterlet said.

Plaskov's wife filed a missing person's report Tuesday morning. His car was still at the home. Siterlet checked the home and the area adjacent to the house near Botsford Park.

After a search dog located the body in the river, the police called for firefighters from the Livonia Fire Department's water rescue team to pull the body from the water, Siterlet said.

An autopsy is scheduled for today.

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