Missing boater's body found

By Alyssa Sunkin
also by Michael Levensohn
Times Herald-Record
Posted: December 04, 2009 - 2:00 AM

GREENWOOD LAKE — Police recovered the body of a Greenwood Lake man missing for nearly three weeks, not far from where his boat was mysteriously found undamaged with its engine idling.

Police located Steven Zaicek's body off Storms Island Road in West Milford, N.J., just east of the southern tip of Storm Island, Thursday morning.

A resident observed the body surface in Greenwood Lake and called village police, Detective Sgt. John Hansen said.

The New Jersey Medical Examiner's Office will conduct an autopsy Friday.

Hansen said Zaicek's death appears accidental.

Officials previously acknowledged Zaicek's checkered financial background but did not believe it was connected to his disappearance.

Zaicek filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1998 while living in Tustin, Calif.

In 2003, Zaicek, then a securities dealer, was suspended by the National Association of Securities Dealers for failing to disclose certain information on his licensing papers.

He was fined $7,500 and barred from associating with members of the NASD for the duration of the nine-month suspension.

Zaicek had worked for more than a dozen brokerage firms since the early 1990s, with a typical tenure of just a few months at each company, according to employment records obtained from the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

Several of those firms were subsequently shut down or expelled from the NASD following investigations into fraud, theft, enterprise corruption or other wrongdoing.

Multiple agencies from New York and New Jersey searched for Zaicek since he disappeared Nov. 14, when he took his luxury Larson cabin cruiser out to test it before putting it away for the season.

He placed a phone call at 5:15 p.m., saying that everything was OK and he was heading back.

That was the last anyone heard from him.

Divers used sonar equipment to search a four-mile stretch of the lake, but potential leads turned out to be nothing more than tree branches or rock formations.

Police used surface boats and cadaver dogs to locate Zaicek, but came up empty every day.


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