Hunters still missing in Baldwin County

John Rogers
Blanton Box
Photojournalist: Guy Turnbow

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. - Day five in the search for two hunters who went missing Sunday night in the Tensaw River turned up nothing. At this point, rescue personnel have only found the canoe and a paddle. But they've found no evidence the men are dead, so the search continues.

A search and rescue official said ten boats and nearly 40 people are still helping in the search for Alan Clemons and Jason Brown.

FOX10 News was at the river and caught up with one man who has lived through this very ordeal before.

Over the last few days, Leander Foster has been reliving the past. Ten years ago, one of Foster's relatives also vanished while hunting.

"We searched about a month straight looking for him. It was about three months before we found him," Foster said.

But when they found his relative, Roland Garrett, it was not what they had hoped for.

"He was found after a beaver dam was drained. He was deteriorated a lot. He was unrecognizable but they were able to determine that was him," he said.

Crews hope that won't be the case for the men they're looking for.

"With every passing day, it gets a little bit harder but we're not giving up hope," said Matt Burton with North Baldwin Sheriff's Search and Rescue.

As the strong, cold breeze blows through, boats embark fully loaded. Sonar equipment is used to scan the water, and dogs are taken along to see if they can pick up a scent. Search teams are combing over 30 miles of river banks, looking for any clues in the search of the two men.

For now, the search carries on, just as it did ten years ago for Foster.

"It worries you until you have closure," Foster says.

But Foster has his closure, and hopefully, the family of these hunters can have theirs too.

The official says miracles have happened before, so they're going to keep looking.

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