Police & Cadaver Dogs Back on the Scene on Imperial Ave.

After a few days of relative inactivity at Anthony Sowell's Imperial Avenue house, police homicide detectives and cadaver dogs are back on the scene. Two cadaver dogs went into an abandoned school building on East 125th and Abell Street about a block and a half from Imperial Ave. at around 12:30pm Monday. Neighbors say that the school building has been abandoned for about twenty years.

So far, a total of eleven victims have been found in Sowell's home and backyard, but police had also searched the areas around his home for more potential victims and evidence.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner says that eight victims were strangled, and seven of them still had something around their neck. One victim was manually strangled, and the other two were killed by homicidal violence. The cause of death of the last victim is undetermined.

FBI profilers were also in town over the weekend, meeting with police about Sowell. Currently, they are putting together a timeline of all of the places he lived. The FBI has offered to assist the Cleveland Police in following up on any leads on unsolved crimes outside of the Cleveland area.

Already he is suspected to have been involved with murders in East Cleveland, OH; Coronado, California and Cherry Point, NC. Sowell served in the Marines from 1978 to 1985. During that time he was stationed in Parris Island, SC; Cherry Point, NC; Okinawa, Japan; and Camp Pendleton, CA. In 1989 he lived in East Cleveland, and was attacked a pregnant woman. He was convicted of attempted rape and was imprisoned from 1990 to June 2005. Sowell moved into his Imperial Ave. home upon his release from jail.

Sowell, 50, is being held without bond at the Justice Center and is charged with aggravated murder, rape, felonious assault and kidnapping. If convicted, he may end up getting the death penalty.

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