More Body Bags Reportedly Taken From Rapist's Ohio House

More body bags were taken from a backyard of the Ohio home of convicted sexual predator Anthony Sowell on Tuesday, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Cadaver dogs searched the backyard throughout the day for any additional remains, and authorities used a backhoe to dig up portions of the yard, the station reported.

"We hope they don't find anymore," said Renee Cash, whose family operates Ray's Sausage, across the street from Sowell's home.

Authorities reportedly plan to continue searching the property through the night.

Sowell's neighbors have said they complained for years about a foul smell coming from an area near his house, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Now a Cleveland city councilman wants to launch an investigation into whether police and health inspectors failed to pick up on any signs that could have led them to the six bodies around Sowell's house any sooner.

Councilman Zack Reed said he had previously alerted health inspectors about the odor. Reed said he couldn't understand how police officers could have missed the stench when they were called to the home over the years.

Someone "dropped the ball," said Reed, according to Fox 8.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the home of convicted Ohio sex offender Anthony Sowell for a candelight vigil on Monday night, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

The vigil was held in honor of the six women whose remains were found on Sowell's property.

Families held up photographs of missing women who have disappeared since Sowell was released from prison in 2005.

"I believe my mother is going to be one of these women that's missing," a woman told the crowd gathered outside the house, Fox 8 reported.

"She went missing from 118th and Kinsman, right around the corner."

Relatives of Nancy Cobb's, who disappeared in April, also have questions for Sowell.

"Why? What did she do to make him do this? Any of them, what did any of them do to deserve this," Cobb's daughter Kyana Hunt said, according to Fox 8.

Gloria Walker's family members — she disappeared in April 2007 — are holding out hope that she was not one of Sowell's victims.

"It's been horrible for the entire family," said Sandy Drain, a relative of Gloria Walker's.

"We really would like to have closure and we still pray that she's alive but we're still looking for closure."

Michelle Mason was last seen one block away from Sowell's house when she vanished a year ago.

Her son, Franklin Williams, has mixed emotions.

"I been going back and forth, I think of it as closure...if it might be, if it does happen. But then it's like still again I want her to be found, and I still want her to be here," Williams said, according to Fox 8.

Telacia Fortson, 31, disappeared in May. She left behind her three young children.

"The last time I saw her, she kissed me on the forehead and said 'I'll be here next week', and I said 'Okay' but I never heard from her again," Fortson's mother Inez Fortson told Fox 8.

Janice Webb disappeared in June. Her sister, Joanne Moore, is afraid Webb might be a victim of Sowell's.

"(Sowell) doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned, he does not exist. Anybody that's that evil. He is evil," Moore said.

The families won't know if their loved ones fell victim to Sowell until the coroner's office completes the DNA testing.

Four families of missing women have submitted DNA samples to the coroner's office to help identify the bodies. Authorities are seeking samples from Sowell as well.

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