Man missing in woods sought with cadaver dogs

His vehicle was found in southern Del Norte County

A Siskiyou County man went missing three months ago in southeast Del Norte County, and authorities said Thursday they have begun looking for him in Del Norte County.

Today, cadaver dogs are looking for his body in the woods east of Klamath, according to Terry McNamara, Del Norte County Search and Rescue coordinator.

Thomas Pickle, who turned 63 this month if he is still alive, went missing from his Burnt Ranch home on July 23, according to sheriff’s Commander Tim Athey.

“Basically we’re looking for a suicide, if and when we find him, the investigation will resume from there,” said McNamara.

Athey said Pickle went missing after receiving a warrant letter from the Siskiyou County’s District Attorney Office, asking for him to turn himself in on suspicion of cultivating marijuana in the Siskiyou County area.

Authorities are only now starting to look for him because the fact that he was missing “was simply not reported,” said Athey.
The man’s truck was located in September by U.S. Forest Service officials in the Gasquet-Orleans Road area, 30 miles north of Little Bald Hills Road in Orick, said Athey.

Authorities believe Pickle had driven to the area through Forest Service roads from Orick.

Athey said the USFS contacted local Siskiyou County authorities, where Burnt Ranch is located, who then contacted the man’s wife in September.

“She said he was distraught, and he said he was going to go up into the hills and kill himself,” said Athey.

The commander said Pickle’s wife said “it’s not unusual for him to camp for long periods of time.”

It took until late September to determine that Pickle went missing in Del Norte County, said Athey.

“The feds (Federal Drug Enforcement Agency) were doing a fly-over with Siskiyou County law enforcement, looking for marijuana grows, when they spotted his truck,” said Athey.

“They said, ‘Hey, this is actually Del Norte County,’ and the investigation became ours,” he said.

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