Examiner Bio Anthony Sowell: three more bodies found

Police investigating the suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell have found three more buried bodies.

Anthony Sowell was arrested last week after police visited his house to serve an arrest warrant for rape and found three partially decomposed bodies on his property. Further researches revealed a further three such dead bodies on Saturday. It is thought that there could be more bodies yet to find:

The police had originally been looking to question Sowell after a woman accused him of rape and assault. He was not at home when they went to his house, but they had obtained an arrest and search warrant.

They entered the house to find two badly decomposed corpses on the third floor. Another two bodies were found hidden away and there were signs that another body had been buried recently.

Officials were continuing the search today, using cadaver dogs and extending the hunt to nearby houses and vacant lots, meaning that the actually number of bodies could be much higher.

The bodies that have been found have not been identified: they are so badly decomposed that only the sex (female) of two of them has so far been possible to establish.

It has been established that all died from strangulation:

Autopsies were performed on all six bodies and it appeared all six had died from strangulation.

Sowell was released from a 15 year sentence for rape in 2004.

Further, there are a number of allegations of rape against Anthony Sowell more recently:

Two women who went back to Sowell's home told their local TV station that he turned violent when they spurned his advances.

One victim said Sowell punched her in the face when she turned down his offer to drink beer with him.

'He was going kill me,' she said. 'I have scars on my neck and nerve damage. I couldn't leave the house for months. I was afraid to go to the store. I could not sleep.'

The woman said Sowell was arrested for rape and assault, but the case never came to court.

Police reports and court records show Sowell struck up conversations with women, usually by offering them alcohol.

Once inside his home, three women said, Sowell choked them, stripped off their clothes and raped them.

In order to try and identify Sowell's victims the police are asking those who fear that they have a missing relative to come forward and offer DNA samples so that they might be able to match up the bodies:

Local people with missing relatives have gathered outside the house where the bodies were discovered, some of them clutching photographs of their missing loved ones. Police have asked anyone who fears they may be related to one of the victims to come forward with DNA samples so that they can eventually help with identification.

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