Suspected robber shot by police

A shoot-out between police and three suspected robbers has left one suspect dead and another wounded.

Police say they were alerted after three men stormed a supermarket in the Illovo area outside 'Toti this morning.

The police's Buhle Ngidi says they held-up staff and made off with an undisclosed amount of money in what's believed to be a stolen car.

He says police officers gave chase until the suspects were cornered in Philani at Umlazi.

"The suspects jumped out of the car and ran into the nearby houses. Police gave chase (and) they were shot at by the suspects and police returned fire - killing one suspect instantly. The second suspect was conveyed to hospital after having sustaining bullets wounds."

Ngidi says they've launched a manhunt for the third suspect who managed to get away. He says officers are out in full force searching the area, along with sniffer dogs.

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