Authorities expand search for dead body to Pescadero

Investigators searching for the body of a man they believe was murdered in Santa Cruz in July are turning up empty-handed, prompting them to expand the hunt into Pescadero.

Santa Cruz Police Capt. Steve Clark said Thursday that authorities combing the coast for the body of Elias Sorokin, a Los Angeles businessman presumed dead, could direct their attention to the South Coast at any moment.

“There’s a likelihood we can be in and around that area any time,” Clark said. “At any point, up until we find the body, we could be around that area.”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported Wednesday that authorities believe Sorokin, 29, passed through Santa Cruz on July 20 on his way from Oakland to Los Angeles for a drug deal, and was abducted and killed. Clark thinks the murderers dumped Sorokin’s body in a remote location, which would explain why authorities haven’t found it.

Since Sorokin’s disappearance, investigators have swept through parts of Pescadero – along the coast and further inland – with cadaver dogs.

Clark said searching that far north creates “a pretty generous boundary.” He doesn’t anticipate extending any further into San Mateo County.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Lt. Ken Jones said San Mateo County authorities have not received a request to assist in the search and are not working to locate Sorokin’s body.

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