UKBA dog sniffs out 18 stowaways at Calais

A UK Border Agency (UKBA) sniffer dog has caught 18 male stowaways trying to enter the UK in a lorry load of gluten powder.

On 27 August at Calais, a detection dog alerted UKBA officers to a truck that was bound for Wrexham in Wales. Two Iraqis and 16 Afghans were discovered inside.

"The load space within this tanker was roughly three-quarters full, with no air vents. The length of the Channel crossing and a long journey across the UK would have presented serious implications for these men," a UKBA spokesman says.

The illegal immigrants were fingerprinted and photographed before being handed over to the French authorities.

If it is deemed the load was not properly secured, the driver and haulier could each face a £2,000 fine per stowaway.

Last year, the agency issued more than £1.5m in fines connected with HGV drivers and hauliers caught carrying stowaways into Britain.

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