RDX laced with mineral oil

JAISALMER: The plans of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and terrorist organisations were re-confirmed with the Forensic Science
Laboratory (FSL) report of the RDX, which was recovered from Barmer recently. The reports confirmed that the RDX was laced with mineral oil', which increases the intensity of explosion and thus the damage becomes manifold.

More shockingly, the explosive sniffer dog squad also failed to detect RDX mixed with mineral oil and as far as damage is concerned, the mineral oil leads to major fire with the explosion and incurs heavy loss of life and property.

SP Barmer, Navjyoti Gogoi said that in connection with the recovery of 14.5 kg of RDX and 45 kg explosive material, police are interrogating Sodha Khan alias Lunia. Police have also recovered a diary from him, in which there are several phone numbers. The police suspect that the telephone numbers are of ISI agents and smugglers of Pakistan. Police also said that involvement of Sodha Khan in narcotics and smuggling fake currency could also be not ruled out.

He also said that several gangs led by Haliya, Khaniya and Shoriya were active in Barmer area. Police have arrested Khaniya alias Khan Mohammed. Police have also recovered a shawl, in which RDX consignment was smuggled across the border, from him. Sodha Khan was being used as a courier by Pakistani agencies. He was responsible for receiving the explosive consignments and hand it over to other party, he was paid over Rs 1.5 lakh for the job.

Gogoi said that police had sent RDX samples to Forensic Science Lab in Gandhi Nagar for examination, the report has confirmed mixing of mineral oil in the explosives to increase its intensity. Speaking about explosives, he said even trained dog squads failed to detect the explosives mixed with oil. He said that the recovery of RDX before being planted by the terrorists, prevented a major disaster.

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