Phillip Garrido: sniffer dogs 'find scent of human remains'

Police have been poring over Garrido's property in Antioch, east of San Francisco, this week looking for links between the convicted rapist and the abductions of two young girls who vanished during the 1980s.

The search comes after Garrido and his wife were arrested for the 1991 abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was discovered alive last month after being kept in a secret backyard prison for 18 years.

used a ground-penetrating radar Friday to examine a spot where cadaver dogs

Police said Thursday that two cadaver-sniffing dogs had found a possible human scent at an area of Garrido's property.

Investigators onFriday were using a radar to scrutinise the spot in question while stressing they had not found any physical evidence tying Garrido to the disappearance of Michaela Garecht, 9, and Ilene Misheloff, 13.

"Thus far in the operation we have not found a piece of physical evidence that tells us conclusively that Phillip Garrido is involved in the Michaela Garecht abduction," police Lieutenant Christine Orrey said.

"I wouldn't say the lack of a key piece of evidence is a frustration for us but in a sense, it could indicate that they're alive somewhere, so it's really a mixed blessing either way."

Garecht was abducted from outside a Hayward grocery store in 1988, and Misheloff vanished in nearby Dublin in 1989. Dublin and Hayward are about 50 miles (80 kilometres) southwest of the Garrido home.

Investigators recovered unidentified bones from the site this week. An earlier search had discovered a bone fragment described as "probably human" although its age is not clear.

Police have said the latest search at the Garrido property would probably continue until next week.

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