Man tries to burgle houses wearing a high visibility jacket

Meet Ulster’s dimmest burglar — who went on a dead-of-night robbery spree lit up like a Christmas tree. Stupid Stephen Hamilton, known as ‘Freddy’, proved he was no bright spark when he wore a glow-in-the-dark bib as he tried to break into six homes on the same street.

The cretin crook’s flourescent bib meant the game was up before he even had the chance to rob one house.

Neighbours in the area called cops as soon as they spotted dozy Hamilton’s high-visibility jacket moving around in the dark as he went from house to house jiggling door and window handles.

And cops with a sniffer dog quickly tracked him to a nearby supermarket carpark.

Hapless Hamilton (pictured right), 24, tried to dupe officers by giving a false name but when police searched him they discovered the high-vis coat that had alerted neighbours.

They also later found his scooter dumped near the scene.

Judge Peter Gibson branded Hamilton’s bungling 4.30am burglary attempt in Dundonald ‘amateurish in the extreme’ when he sentenced him to 15 months in jail, suspended for three years.

And when Sunday Life confronted Hamilton at his north Belfast house last week, the lanky lad held his hands up to being a bungling burglar.

“I dunno. It was just f***ing stupid,” he confessed when asked why he wore a flourescent bib on his under cover of darkness raid.

He said he got the bib when he was working as a postman.

“I was gambling a lot when I did it and needed cash or whatever to pay for it,” added the red-faced thief.

Hamilton, who has a record for burglary, was on bail for other offences — including going equipped for theft — when he struck at Dunlady Manor in Dundonald in February.

Dopey Hamilton, who lives at Lawther Court, pleaded guilty to six charges of attempted burglary and one of obstructing cops on February 19.

Prosecutor Nicola Auret told Downpatrick Crown Court that Hamilton had a previous record for burglary and theft.

Hamilton’s defence lawyer said his client was a gambling addict who needed help.

Hamilton’s bungling raid has earned him a place in websites which list the thickest criminals in modern policing.

He’s been lumped in with the one-legged thief caught by Bristol cops earlier this month trying to steal a bicycle and the US ram-raiders snared when they left their number plate at the scene of a botched cash machine robbery.

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