Man Cleared of Charges in Bank Robbery

Lawyer Says Suspect on Camera Not His Client

Updated: Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009, 12:34 PM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009, 12:08 PM CDT

HOUSTON - A Harris County man is free after facing 25 years in prison for armed robbery early Wednesday morning.

Jamal Miller, 26, was set to go to trial after being accused of robbing a convenience bank last May.

Miller was charged after Fort Bend Investigators used a group of dogs to identify his scent at the scene. The Houston Innocence Project said those same dogs should be banned from Texas courtrooms because of their alleged track record of identifying the wrong person.

"There's not enough good evidence to say these dogs are infallible," Damiane Banieh, the defense attorney said.

Banieh said another problem of the case was that Miller looked nothing like the suspect seen on surveillance video.

Miller was in court when his charges were dismissed.

"I agree with justice but I just believe they should take more time before they just come get someone," said the New Orleans native.

The Harris County prosecutors are being careful about how they address the issue, lead prosecutor Angela Welton said.

Welton did not say whether the dogs were the problem with the strength of the case.

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