Man caught with LSD after Camrose gig

4:53pm Monday 21st September 2009

A man with LSD tablets ran away from police and had to be tracked through brambles by a sniffer dog, a judge heard today (Monday).

Mark Goddard, aged 24, had attended an open air music concert near Camrose and was approached by police who had decided to carry out a "stop and search" exercise on concert goers leaving the venue the following morning.

Jim Davis, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court how officers stopped a mini van and noticed Goddard sitting in the rear and apparently trying to conceal something in his clothing.

Goddard was told he was about to be searched and ran off "at speed" across open fields.

A dog handler was sent after him and Goodard was tracked to a dense patch of brambles.

The officer told him to come out, to which Goddard replied, "I'm tripping, I'm tripping."

He was eventually searched but police did not find anything. However, on the ground nearby were three LSD tablets. Goddard admitted they belonged to him and said he had taken two tablets the evening before.

Mr Davis said Goddard, of Oak Tree Lodge, Llanllwni, near Pencarder, was at the time the subject of a suspended prison sentence.

On that occasion he had taken a taxi to another open air music concert, this time in Singleton park, Swansea, and en route confessed to the driver he could not afford to pay the fare.

Instead, he offered her a dose of crack cocaine, which she declined.

The driver dialled 999 and drove Goddard to Swansea central police station, where officers were waiting for him.

Goddard ran off but was quickly caught. A searched revealed he had been heading for the concert armed with cannabis resin, ecstasy, cocaine and even a set of electronic weighing scales.

Judge Keith Thomas told Goddard the courts were "fed up of seeing people in the dock who were selling drugs to keep themselves in drugs."

He added, "People die because of it and if you can't understand that then the courts will have to beat it into you. This will be your last chance."

Goddard, who admitted possessing LSD, was made the subject of a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, to run consecutively to the 36 week suspended sentence he was already under.

Goddard was also ordered to undergo a drugs testing programme

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