Helston drug raid - cannabis seized

Eighteen months of gathering intelligence ended with a police raid on a Helston home this morning over suspected drug dealing.

Seven police officers and a sniffer dog raided the house in the Bulwark area of the town at 9.45am, using a warrant obtained at Truro’s magistrates’ court on August 20.

In total two potted cannabis plants were seized, as well as ten bags of a herbal substance suspected to be cannabis, growing equipment – including lights, humidifiers and a bottle of Miracle Grow – scales, 14 mobile phones and £190 in coins, £132 of which was hidden in a Pringles crisp pot.

The morning began with a 9am briefing at Helston police station, led by PC Dave Cook, explaining the plan for the raid.

Also involved were Helston officers Sergeant Mark Pascoe, PC Anne Butcher and PC Derek Bridger, Camborne officer Ian Negus, who is specially trained in force entries, and dog handler Andy Park, in charge of the spaniel sniffer dog from Camborne dog unit.

The police were able to walk in through the unlocked door and the three people inside were ordered into one room while the house was searched.

Within 20 minutes they had found the plants and bagged herbal substances. All the evidence was found in one room of the house.

At the same time as the raid police community support officers walked around the area speaking with people and reassuring them about what was happening.

After the successful raid Sergeant Pascoe said: “We had a lot of intelligence passed to us from members of the community. The police rely on them to give us the information. We always act on intelligence. It’s been a really positive result today.”

He stressed that Helston did not have a major drug problem and actually had a low rate of crime.

“People are very safe in Helston. What people need to realise is there are drugs everywhere. But it’s illegal so we enforce the law,” he added.

* A 22-year-old man was arrested this morning and taken to Camborne police station for questioning.

Another man was also arrested but later de-arrested, pending further inquiries.

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