Family Reacts to Foot in River

ust this week, they found out a foot discovered in the Pecactonica River this summer belonged to the man.

"It's in my wallet every day and I just take it with me every day," Eva Fane said.

A special picture of Fane and Stanley Driver, the man she planned to marry but hasn't seen in almost two years.

"Always felt like he could come home any minute but you don't hear anything for so long, you just don't know," Fane said.

Driver went missing in December of 2007. This week Fane found out a foot found in the Pecatonica River this summer, belonged to her fiancee.

"It just doesn't seem real," Fane said.

Disbelief that's hitting driver's youngest brother too.

"I was praying it wasn't, turned out it was, I was hurting," Johnny Driver said.

He says the identification of his brother's foot brings little closure to his family's ongoing ordeal.

"Ups and downs, can't never be, can't never be happy," Johnny Driver said.

He and other family members say getting driver's body back to bury would help. And even more so, knowing why he's gone.

"What could have happened, I just don't understand," said Driver's father, Willy Driver.

"Why anybody would hurt Stanley, I don't know," Fane said.

Right now, Fane's pushing authorities to continue searching for Driver's body. But they're holding off until another spotting.

"That doesn't make you feel very good either," Fane said.

A tough situation for a financee and family, yearning for something more about the man they loved.

Stepehenson County Sheriff Dave Snyders says they're holding off on a search for driver's body because they've already scoured the Pecatonica River with divers, cadaver dogs and sonar technology, and nothing's turned up.

He says they'll go back if the body or another body part is spotted. And he urges anyone with information on this case to call his office or the Freeport Police Department.

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