Family continues search for missing hunter

Nearly three weeks into their search, the family of 61-year-old Mel Nadel, who disappeared in the Pecos Wilderness, is still holding out hope he'll be found alive.

Crews didn't find any clues on Saturday in their search for Nadel. His family says there hasn't been any new information in weeks, leaving them filled with troubling questions that nobody has the answer to.

"Whatever happened to my husband, we need to find out," Nadel's wife Edna said Saturday.

After searchers spent another full day scouring the Pecos, his family is growing even more uneasy.

"People don't just disappear," Edna said. "They don't just like- it's like a bubble. They just poof- and they're gone."

Nadel went missing earlier this month from a hunting camp near Elk Mountain. Dogs followed his scent about 150 yards-- until it suddenly cut off.

"I said, how you going to explain it to me, and they cannot explain it to me, so I don't have any clues," Edna said.

His family has been on a roller coaster of emotions-- trying to go about daily life.

They hope to re-open his Santa Fe pilates studio next week, but don't have any answers to the questions coming from his clients.

Edna said, "A lot of ifs, a lot of why, a lot of question, there's no answer, there's no answer. Nobody can answer it for me."

As time goes on, Mel's family is beginning to fear the worst.

His daughter Kristen said, "I feel like this is criminal. I know, they keep saying it's not, they don't have evidence of anything, but I honestly don't think he just got lost, 'cause we would have found him by now."

Despite the time that has past, his family still clings to the hopes of seeing him again.

Whatever it is, I can accept it, just to see him again, and say goodbye properly, if it's a goodbye," his wife said. "If he's okay, it's a miracle. We're still hoping for that, too."

Searchers are headed back into the Pecos again early Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the Nadel family has set up a fund at Wells Fargo under his name to help with the search.

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