Bones Found in Madera County Not Human

It turns out the bones found in the foothills of Madera County are not human.

Madera County Sheriff's investigators say the bones found off Road 209 near Bellview Road are from a horse.

Investigators were alerted to the bones after someone called to report a rifle on the side of the road. They found a pelvic bone and a femur but later discovered the skull from a horse.

The Sheriff's Department will still analyze the other bones to make sure they are not a human.
Bones Discovered in Madera County

Crews are continuing to excavate a field where two bones were discovered on Monday off Road 209 near Bellview Road in the foothills of Madera County.

The bones appear to be a femur and a pelvic bone but it’s unknown if they are human remains.

On Monday, a man stopped on Road 209 discovered a rifle and a shoe and it appeared the sneaker had blood samples on it. He reported the findings to the Madera County Sheriff’s Department and Deputies searched the area and found another sneaker as well as two sinkholes.

Crews were sent to search the five acre site with a K-9 cadaver dog, who alerted the Deputies to one of the sinkholes. Deputies began digging and found the pelvic bone about 2 ½ feet down and then the femur at about 3 feet.

Erica Stuart with the Madera County Sheriff’s Department said, “The concern was getting dark last night and you’ve got to get all of the particles, especially if you’re looking for teeth and to try to work in pitch black darkness – it wasn’t worth it to us. We had people manning this area all night long. You come back at first light and you’ve got the entire day to gather everything we need to do and close it up.”

It’s unclear if the rifle and shoes are connected to the bones or if the bones are human. The crews will continue to search for any other bones and then have them analyzed by a pathologist to determine if they are human, which could take several days.

If the bones are human, they will try to take a bone marrow sample and then talk to other counties to look over any missing person’s reports.

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