Taxi driver says he dropped Stanley Tippett off near where he was later arrested

Second week in trial of man accused of abducting, sexually assaulting 12-year-old girl last August
Date: 2009-08-24
By Joel Wiebe
When Don Cheseboro was watching TV, he recognized the man shown, Stanley Tippett, as the man he had given a ride to only a couple days earlier.

"I was driving taxi part-time," he told the court on Monday during the trial of Mr. Tippett, accussed of abducting a 12-year-old girl in Peterborough and sexually assaulting her in a woods behind Courtice Secondary School last August.

At 5:45 a.m. on Aug. 6, 2008 the call came in for a pickup on Baseline Road East, the court was told.

The roads were clear at that hour in the morning and the weather was warm, which is why his window was open when a man hollered at him near his destination.

He says Mr. Tippett got in his car and told him to head to Porter Road off Highway 115. They made small talk, but said his passenger didn't appear to want to talk while slumped in the back seat.

"I just assumed he was really tired," Mr. Cheseboro told the court.

He said Mr. Tippett told him he had been working in Scarborough and got a ride with a friend, but the truck had transmission problems and had to get towed.

After receiving $61.45, Mr. Cheseboro watched as Mr. Tippett continued down the road on foot.

He was arrested near Manvers later that morning, not far from where the taxi driver dropped him off.

Mr. Tippett's mistress, Felicia Neals, testified several days earlier that Mr. Tippett claimed he was car jacked while trying to take the girl to the hospital and was dropped off by the thieves near Manvers.

Also on the stand was Durham Region police Detective-Constable Wayne King, who responded with his K-9 partner, Havoc, to the school where the alleged assault happened. He watched her come out of the woods half-naked and assisted her before searching the woods with the dog where he didn't find anything.

The officer then went to where the vehicle had been abandoned and followed the dog as it led him and another officer down the middle of the street, through a back yard, along a walking path, over an eight-foot-high fence, along some railroad tracks, and up to a street before the track was lost. Another K-9 unit was brought in, but that dog also couldn't pick up the scent either.

He said when his dog has it's tracking harness on, it's focused on the job and won't veer from it's path, even for a t-bone steak.

"He's trained to detect human scent," he emphasized.

The only injury Stanley Tippett had when being booked at the police station was a sore shoulder, one Peterborough police Sergeant Sean Quinlan said Mr. Tippett claimed was from getting pushed to the ground after getting arrested.

Once at the station, officers seized his clothes, wallet, cellphone, and keys. While examining him for injuries, Sgt. Quinlan noticed a red mark on his left shoulder followed by two lines, similar to one left by a seat belt. Mr. Tippett was given a white jump suit so his clothes could be dried and used for evidence.

"They were covered with dirt and dry grass," Sgt. Quinlan said of Mr. Tippett's sandals.

From the cell phone, Sgt. Quinlan said he was able to pull Mr. Tippett's phone records, which included calls to his home and to his mistress.

Ms Neals made a brief appearance in court where two pages of her agenda book, containing notes she took to refresh her memory, were photocopied for the court. The issue of the agenda nearly ground the trial to a halt last week, but Mr. Tippett instructed his lawyer not to file an application that would delay the proceedings.

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