South Georgia and North Florida Police Dogs in Training

They may not be as big as you, and they may not speak the same language... but these four legged heroes can sure save your life.

"They're more impressive than what we actually can understand," Florida Fish and Wildlife canine trainer Ros Welborn said.

Thursday's canine training was unique. It combined eight different law enforcement agencies in South Georgia and North Florida.

"Sometimes we're out there 9/10/11 hours a day so networking with these other agencies helps so therefore we can have three different sets of dog teams," Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin said.

Authorities said another reason to cross the border is different agencies have different benefits that help during an investigation.

These canines trained to sniff out the bad guys, track the missing and find the drugs.

"Since I've been handling dogs here, I've made several drug arrests by using the canine, and we've also used our tracking- located mentally ill persons who've went off," Decatur County Sergeant Michael Logue said.

Sergeant Logue remembers his old partner Cody who helped save a mentally ill patients life. He says the patient was lost and had taken about 50 lithium pills. Cody found him wandering away from his home.

"Had it not been for the dog he would've been out there by himself and might not have made it," Sergeant Logue said.

"Dogs can do things an average officer can't do, they work off scent where an average officer has to work off of sight," retired Leon County Lieutenant Al McDearmind said.

So next time, in case of an emergency, don't be surprised to find paw prints roaming around the scene.

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