Latest police recruits are a cute bunch

3:41pm Monday 17th August 2009
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POLICE have unveiled their latest weapon in the fight against crime - and they are far cuter than the average recruits.

Eight new puppies have been taken on by the North Yorkshire force’s dog section - and they are straining at the leash to get started.

The new canine cadets are 14-week-old German shepherds Sam, Taff and Bolly; 12-week-old Labradors Moss and Ace; and 16-week-old spanieldors - a cross between Labradors and spaniels - Rolo, Max and Starsky.

Right now they are energetic bundles of fun in the homes of volunteer puppy walkers, who care for them while they undergo their initial training.

But at eight to nine-months-old, they will be assigned to dog handlers, scattered around the county, who they will work and live alongside throughout their police career.

Force dog trainer Dave Pennock said: "The puppies may look cute and cuddly now, but they will soon will be highly trained and effective members of the dog section.

"All our dogs have an important role to play in policing and we’re excited about introducing the new puppies into our training programme."

Once the puppies reach 14 to 16-months-old they will start their formal training.

General purpose dogs, the force’s German Shepherds, and their handlers begin a 13-week initial course, where the dogs will be taught to follow a track or scent over various kinds of terrain, to search for and locate either people or property which may be concealed.

Dogs that are going to specialise in narcotics, usually the force’s spaniels and Labradors, will begin an intensive 6 week course.

The force also has dogs specialising in explosives, they receive an intensive 8-week training course along side their handlers.

To follow the progress of some of the canine cadets as they go through the police dog training programme visit

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