K-9 dog finds man accused in stabbing

A Williamstown man accused in a stabbing Thursday night in a dispute over money was sniffed out by a Gloucester County K-9 dog, authorities said.
Andrew T. Willigar, 24, is accused of stabbing Marcus El, 25, of Camden, in the chest as the two argued upon returning to Glassboro from a drive to Camden, police said. Willigar fled from the scene and El drove to a nearby service station and reported the attack to a police officer.

The Gloucester County sheriff's tracking dog Nomad leaped into action, following the scent of a napkin dropped at New Street and Charlotte Avenue, the stabbing scene. In 23 minutes, Nomad found Willigar in a sprawling wooded area behind Dorothy Bullock School, located several blocks away on New Street. El was taken to Cooper University Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Nomad is the only scent-sniffing dog in the county Sheriff's Office, though some townships have their own dogs, said Bernie Weisenfeld, spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office. - Matthew Spolar

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