Ex-Sister-In-Law: 'I Read It, It Didn't Seem Real'

CINCINNATI -- Rumpke officials say police began searching the landfill for the remains of a missing Delhi Township woman Monday night.

Cadaver dogs were also brought to the house of the missing mother of four as well as the landfill and the banks of the Ohio River.

Meanwhile, there are still lots of questions about the woman's husband, John Strutz.

In an exclusive interview 9News spoke to Sarah Wright. She used to be married to Strutz's brother.

She told 9News she didn't think he was capable of hurting his wife Kristan, who attended Oak Hills High School.

"I read it and it didn't seem real," said Sarah Wright.

"That's not John. That's not anything. I've known him since he was 18-years-old and he's 30 now and that is absolutely not the guy I've known for a really long time," continued Wright.

On Monday afternoon, police from both Delhi Township and Cincinnati combed through the yard looking for remains, possibly those of Kristan.

Neighbors said there had been a bonfire at the house Thursday night. That's where investigators were sifting through the ashes looking for potential evidence.

Strutz is being held on a $1,010,000 million bond. He is charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing official business.

Court documents show he concealed human remains in an effort to impede a police investigation.

Investigators weren't talking about the investigation and the coroner explained why.

"Can't say anything when you're dealing with certain cases,” said Hamilton County Coroner Dr. O’dell Owens.

“Sometimes it's best not to say very much,” the coroner said. “When you say too much you give any suspect or suspects an opportunity to change the story, do things, sometimes destroy things.”

In the meantime, Sarah Wright spoke about Strutz's feelings for his wife.

"It doesn't make any logical reason whatsoever that he would do anything to Kristan," said Wright.

Wright tells 9News that Strutz attended high school in Arkansas and then moved to the Tri-State 12 years ago.

She described him as a hard worker who was good with her kids.

"He loved, he loves Kristan. He loves Kristan. I mean that was John. I mean he's had like three girlfriends, like the entire time I've known him and Kristan was it," said Wright.

Court documents allege Strutz concealed human remains in an effort to impede a police investigation. He was on arraigned Aug. 17.
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