Boy's body found in Great Salt Lake

His location was a mystery for 49 days, yet on Saturday, the family of Trejon Fite was confident they located his remains.

A body recovered from marshlands about 7 miles north of the marina at the Great Salt Lake has been identified by a state medical examiner as that of Trejon, the 8-year-old boy who drowned June 13 when he fell off a large pipe that stretches across a canal near the corner of California Avenue and Redwood Road.

For three weeks, more than 100 law enforcers, 24 canoes, cadaver dogs, a helicopter and rafts combed a 14-mile stretch of the canal to no avail.

The family continued the search for the boy's body so they could find a sense of closure.

"From June 13 till today we've had a lot of support from family, family friends and my coworkers, and it was my coworkers that found him today," said Rickey Brown, Trejon's grandfather. "And I just want to say thanks to all them, so many people. It's been really difficult."

A search party organized by the family found the body at about 10 a.m. Saturday. Crews made contact with the sheriff's office, and search and rescue teams were called in to assist with the recovery.

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