Teen accused in grisly Three Forks murder posts bail

A 14-year-old accused helping his father dispose of a Three Forks woman's body by incinerating it in a burn barrel outside her home is being released from a youth detention center after posting $50,000 bail.

Lance Myran appeared before Gallatin County Judge John Brown Tuesday afternoon to hear the conditions of his release, which include wearing a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet, a recommendation made by Deputy County Attorney Todd Whipple.

Clad in a white dress shirt and tie, Lance Myran appeared in court Tuesday afternoon flanked by his attorney and his mother, saying little except to answer the judge's questions with an occasional, "Yes, your honor."

Before signing the release order, Brown also ordered the teen to reside with is mother at her home in Miles City, attend school or work and all court appearances, have no contact with the victim's family, avoid drugs and alcohol and stay in Montana.

Lance Myran has been held at the youth detention facility since he and his father were arrested in June.

Lance's father, Jay J. Myran, 37, is charged with deliberate homicide and tampering with evidence in the case. He is accused of killing Gayle Brewster, 53, then burning her body in an effort to dispose of it. His bail is set at $1 million.

Jay Myran, 37, reportedly told detectives his son, Lance, helped him get rid of evidence and lift Brewster's body into the burn barrel where it was incinerated. According to court papers, Lance retrieved a coffee can of fuel from a nearby fuel tank for his father to use as an accelerant. Lance stayed home from school on May 13 to help keep the fire going to dispose of the body, court papers state.

Jay Myran, who is described in court documents as Brewster's ex-boyfriend, reportedly lived with her in a rental trailer on property at 3155 Pyfer Road north of Three Forks where the alleged crime occurred. Lance Myran was also reportedly staying at the residence at the time of the incident.

Brewster was reported missing on May 27 by her landlord. The landlord had just returned home from a trip out of town to find that Brewster had not picked up her mail and fed her cat while she was away, according to court documents.

A Gallatin County Sheriff's deputy went to Brewster's residence on May 27 and spoke with Myran who said he hadn't seen Brewster since May 12 and that she had left town for several weeks, according to court documents.

Authorities went to the residence on June 4 after being notified that Myran and his son had moved out of the home to look for a suicide note, but did not find one. They did find Brewster's cell phone and her purse, which contained her wallet and bank card, according to court papers.

Cadaver dogs were brought in to search the area and "showed 'interest' consistent with the positive presence of the odor of human tissue and/or blood decay on the area of floor just inside of Gayle's bedroom," court papers state.

Further investigation revealed bone chips mixed with ash in a burn barrel outside the home. Dr. Thomas Bennett, an associate state medical examiner, examined the barrel and observed several bones on the top layer of the ashes and a bone that appeared to have two surgical pins or screws in it, according to court papers.

Authorities obtained x-rays of Brewster from Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. One of the x-rays revealed two pins in Brewster's ankle consistent with the pins in the bone fragment in the burn barrel, according to court documents.

In addition to bone fragments, authorities also found bits of lead consistent with a shotgun shot, a metal plate consistent with an x-ray of Brewster's ankle and jewelry beads in the burn barrel.

Authorities also talked to Brewster's landlord who said Myran had left garbage in the bed of one of her trucks when he moved out. Detectives examined the garbage and found another spent 410 shotgun shell, several bottles of carpet stain remover, bleach and other cleaners.

Detectives interviewed Myran in Billings on Tuesday, June 9. Myran said he was in the trailer on May 12 with a 410 shotgun in his hand, getting ready to shoot rabbits, when Brewster grabbed the shotgun barrel and placed it in her mouth and it discharged, court papers indicate.

Myran reportedly told authorities he dragged Brewster's body outside where he left it overnight. The next day he placed the body in the burn barrel and lit it on fire, adding wood to the fire as it burned throughout the day, he reportedly told authorities.

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