Sheriff: Man Killed Father-In-Law In '81

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler and State Attorney Angela Corey announced an arrest Tuesday in the killing of Benjamin Parker, whose death nearly three decades ago was never reported.
In 2007, an elderly woman told relatives that Parker was killed 28 years ago. Then one of those relatives told authorities that Parker was killed and buried on property in Keystone Heights.
CCSO deputies and FBI agents used bulldozers, hand shovels, a cadaver dog and other equipment to search a 10-acre site in the 4700 block of Montana Trail.
Authorities said nothing was found, but investigators developed enough evidence to charge Kenneth Wayne Murwin, of Melrose, with murder.
The secret, according to Bessler, was that Parker was in his mid-30s when he was killed by his son-in-law Murwin.
And no one reported his death until 2006 when his widow died.
Investigators said Parker was buried in the back yard of the family home they shared on Montana Trail in Keystone Heights.
Investigators spent weeks excavating the property, searching for evidence of this dark, family secret.
CCSO called in the FBI in addition to bulldozers and backhoes, used radar and cadaver dogs, but still there was no sign of Parker's body. But prosecutors said they still have the evidence they need to charge Murwin with murder.

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