Man claims he was wrongly accused of murder

Everyone has their trials. But Curvis Brickman says he has had his trial without ever getting one.
“I stayed in that jailhouse for seven months for a crime that I never committed. never been in State Prison, never been in State Jail, that’s wrong,” said Bickham through tears. “I don’t wish this upon nobody. Being from a Christian family, I don’t wish this on nobody. This is wrong,” he said.
Bickham was arrested last October. He says police told him it was for a bad check, but that changed quickly.
He said that a homicide detective asked him to run a swab across his neck and, four hours later, he had a five minute interrogation with Houston Police Homicide investigators.
“I got evidence to prove that you had scent on the gas can and the cigarette lighter. Your scent is not on the gun but it is on the gas can and the cigarette lighter.” Bickham said that the homicide detective told him.
“I told him if my scent it there you put it there,” said Bickham.
In November 2007, 42-year-old Elaine Foster, 45-year-old Barbara Bailey, and 50-year-old Jerome Perkins were shot to death and their bodies found in this home on Belcrest. It had been set on fire to cover up the crime, investigators say.
A gas can found on the scene is some of the only evidence, say police.
“They never said how they matched the scent to him. Whether they used a dog, whether they used science etcetera, I don’t know maybe the investigator had a strong bionic nose,” wonders community activist Quanell X.
Sources say that it was a dog that had multiple hits on what is called a scent lineup.
It isn’t known what evidence police said they had because, even though this is a triple capital murder charge, Bickham’s case file has no probable cause documents.
In fact, it is only 14 pages long. Seven of the pages are billing documents from his initial court appointed attorney. The last page is the motion to dismiss his case that is dated May 1.
“Still to this day nobody’s been convicted for that crime. We want to know who killed those three innocent human beings in that house in such a cold blooded manner,” said Quanell-X.
You can lose a lot in seven months. Curvis Bickham said he has lost his house, his business, and hasn’t seen his children. There are also the things you never get back, no matter what the court says.
“Number one people look at me different now. You know. I was respected. Now some people have that question. Well could he have done it? Just put yourself in my shoes,” said Bickham.
Bickham says he’s going to be requesting an FBI Civil Rights investigation into the detectives that worked the case.An independent magistrate did find probable cause in the case and Bickham was indicted by a Harris County Grand Jury.
For its part the District Attorney’s office says through a spokesperson, “Circumstances developed that prevented us from proceeding at this time. We could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt at this time.”
They add it is still an open investigation, and Bickham could still be recharged.

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