High Speed Chase Suspect Evades Police

FOX POINT - Employees at Innovative Optique, an eyeglass shop in a strip mall at 333 W. Brown Deer Road, are proud of their boss. Dozens of customers and friends stopped by Monday just to make sure Lupe Aguilar is ok.

Alone in his shop Saturday, Aguilar fought off an armed attacker.

“He put the gun in my back and took me to the back room,” he told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.

Lupe ignored the man’s orders to stay in the store and escaped to another business. A clerk in that store called 911.

“Lock your doors if you can and keep everybody away from the windows,” the 911 dispatcher told the caller.

The suspect left in a 2003 black Ford Mustang convertible seen in a Glendale squad car's dash cam video.

A high-speed chase roared through North Shore neighborhoods. Squad cars approached 90 miles per hour on I-43 and were still too slow to keep up with the suspect.

“He endangered the lives of many people,” said Fox Point Police Chief Tom Czaja. “He also put a lot of fear in people’s lives.”

The pursuit flew past Bayshore Mall before the wanted man disappeared in a Whitefish Bay neighborhood.

The suspect crashed into a tree. Officers went door-to-door, but he was nowhere to be found. A police dog could not even track the wanted man's scent.

“They did the best they could at the time,” said Czaja.

Aguilar wants his attacker caught before he strikes again.

“I don’t want him to hurt anybody or kill anybody,” he said.

While detectives try to figure out who was driving that Mustang, Aguilar himself found some evidence that could lead to an arrest.

“I came in this morning to clean up the place and I discovered his glasses and his watch and the [surveillance] tape,” he explained.

The armed attacker did not get away with anything from the optometry store. Police believe the suspect is a man from Illinois with a history of armed robbery.

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