Dad Deploying To Iraq Pleads For Missing Daughter's Return

MCCLEARY, Wash. -- The father of a McCleary girl who has been missing for 10 days hopes to be reunited with his daughter on her 11th birthday or before he deploys to Iraq.
Lindsey Baum, 10, disappeared June 26 while walking home from a friend's house at about 9:15 p.m. and there has been no sign of her since.
Lindsey’s dad, Scott Baum, said in a press conference on Monday, “I would love nothing more that to see my daughter before I have to go.”
Scott Baum is with the Tennessee National Guard and is scheduled to deploy in the very near future.
Lindsey’s eleventh birthday is on Tuesday, July 7.
Fifty to 60 searchers from nearby counties gathered Monday to focus their search in a RV park 4 miles from McCleary. Rick Scott of Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office said crews tentatively searched the park before, but now that the holiday weekend is over and there are less people, the search can intensify.
Rain in the forecast has also aided search dogs in picking up Lindsey’s scent. Scott said with the dry weather, any scent of Lindsey may have dried up, but with rain it will rehydrate the ground and allow dogs to detect scents again.
Scott said officials want to capitalize on the weather before more rain comes and possibly washes away any sign of Lindsey.
Late last week, the ground search for Lindsey was suspended and officials focused on her Internet history.
Investigators checked Lindsey’s MySpace and did a forensic analysis of her computer after they found an entry from Lindsey a month ago saying, "I've been getting a lot of nightmares lately and I have this bad feeling that something bad is gonna happen.”
Scott said investigators found nothing on her computer or cell phone that led to any definite scenarios. He also said investigators have found no specific evidence to support any scenario. He also said leads and tips have fizzled out.
“We’ve hit a brick wall. We have to regroup and reevaluate,” Scott said.
One theory is that Lindsey left McCleary to make her way to Tennessee, where her father lives. He last saw her about a year ago, but had regular phone contact with her, Scott said.
He said they have not ruled out that she ran away, but said it’s rare for someone her age to have gone this long without “surfacing in some manner” or coming into contact with authorities. If she left McCleary, she left with someone, Scott said.
He said it’s “highly unlikely” Lindsey is still in McCleary because it’s such a small town and so many people have been looking for her.
Law enforcement officials in McCleary as well as nearby communities will continue to look for Lindsey.
"I'll never give up. I know she'll come home, it's a matter of when and obviously the sooner the better. I know she's gonna come home,” Lindsey’s mother, Melissa Baum said last week.
Lindsey is 4 feet 9 inches tall, 80 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a light blue hooded pullover shirt and blue jeans.
Anyone with information about Lindsey’s disappearance should call the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office at 866-915-8299 or send an e-mail to:

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