Body Found Could Be Pasco Woman

PASCO--A body found in a suitcase and police say it could be Tiairra Garcia.

The Pasco woman disappeared last summer.

Now searchers have located bones in the same place Tiairra's friends admit to dumping her body.

After a year of searching, Pasco Police think they've found Tiairra Garcia.

“The body was found in a region where they believed she was ultimately dumped,” Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond said.

Police tell me they found her just a few miles east of Enumclaw off of Highway 410.

“Located in what's best described as a ravine, very wooded tree line, the search and rescue cadaver dogs found the remains site,” Capt. Raymond said.

Pasco Police say they've been searching the area for more than a month.

With the help of King County Sheriff's and search and rescue teams they narrowed down the exact spot.

“There were weather issues earlier in the year, obviously most of the area was closed due to heavy snow and those type of things so we had to wait one for the area to open up and then it was very remote,” Capt. Raymond said.

Pasco Police say it's rare to actually be able to find a body after this amount of time.

“To be quite honest with you this set of circumstances it’s locating the remains is actually a good thing, we feel we'll be able to help obviously the family with some of that closure,” Capt. Raymond said.

Two people are already serving time for her death, but for being upfront about where her body was their sentences were lighter.

Ashone Hollinquest will likely get out in a few weeks based on time already served.

Tiairra's boyfriend, Marnicus Lockhard is serving an eight year term.

What's left of this once smiling 19 year old is mostly bones, bones the King County Medical Examiner will use to ID her, and hopefully send her home.

Police believe Tiairra was accidentally shot; it was the disposing of her body that became the focus of the case.

A woman accused of covering up the killing and lying to police is set to go to trial in a few months.

Action News called the King County Medical Examiner's office to get an update on the autopsy; they tell us the report may be ready Tuesday.

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