Suspected drug kingpin flees, caught

One of Neshoba County's "major dealers" was arrested last week on multiple felony drug charges involving cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, law enforcement authorities said.The alleged drug dealer, Marion Christopher "Bubba" Tucker, 41, and Morgan C. Price, 25, both of 11460 Road 339, were each charged with:• Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute;• Possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute;• Possession of over an ounce of marijuana.Tucker was charged with felony escape after he fled authorities on foot and hid out in a wooded area behind his house before being apprehended nearly two hours later, Sheriff Donnie Adkins said.Two others were arrested in connection with the search of Tucker's residence in the Neshoba community.Louis Bradley Killen, 32, of 11361 Road 501, was charged with possession of paraphernalia after he was found at the residence when a search warrant was executed by the Sheriff's Department."We had been getting information on Tucker and investigating it," Adkins said. "On Friday, we got the right information at the right time. I personally consider him one of our major dealers in the county."Seized in the arrests were Tucker's black mustang and the illicit drugs which were found inside and $1,300 in cash.When officers arrived at his residence about 5 p.m., Tucker, Killen and Price were standing in the yard."Tucker ran to his car and we apprehended him before he got inside," Adkins said. "His hands were then cuffed behind his back. All three of them were cuffed."While officers were searching inside the residence, Tucker managed to flee on foot through the woods behind his house, he said. Authorities used a tracking dog personally owned by Kemper county resident Calvin Fulton of the state Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to track Tucker down."His tracking hound picked up Tucker's scent and tracked him down in the woods behind the house about 7:30 p.m.," Adkins said. "He was still handcuffed but had managed to get them in front of him."

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