K9 sniffs home, school, business for drugs

"The only business of its kind in the Denver area," Dark Knight K9 Detection Agency offers a service for employers, school administrators and parents.

Explosive Detection K9 Handler at Disneyland for four years, Justin MacPherson, and his wife, Kayla, a Veterinary Nurse, founded the Littleton-based business recently. They provide certified and insured confidential residential, school and business canine detection service. They are private, confidential and discreet.

How does a trained canine nose work?

The dogs at Dark Knight K9 are certified through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA). They are cross-trained for all illegal drugs as well as for some legal, hallucinogenic substances.

Commercial Settings

Dark Knight will provide random, unannounced visits to your business to provide a deterrent to the presence of illicit drugs in the work place. We check lockers, offices, cubicles, sleeping quarters, common areas, company vehicles and other areas as requested by business administrators.

In the event illicit drugs are found, it is recorded and sealed in an evidence bag and custody is signed over to the designated business official in charge of the search. The business official is responsible for any subsequent action. Dark Knight K9 does not locate or dispose of any found drugs or drug paraphernalia. Both our visit and the outcome are totally confidential.

In the event our dog finds no scent evidence of drugs at your business, you will once again have peace of mind and re-establish the trust in your employee.

WHY have your business searched randomly? Safety, quality of work, reduced health insurance costs, reduced absenteeism, reduced work related accidents, reduced recruitment costs, more productive employees, reduced work place conflict, fewer thefts and claims. Read more about each of these benefits.


Initially, a designated school official should enter randomly selected classrooms or areas and announce the inspection. During that time, the K9 team will remain away from the students until they depart the room or area. The designated school official will escort our K9 team and observe the inspection activities. Our team will search lockers, classrooms, common areas and other areas as requested by school administrators.

Dark Knight K9 detection dogs are trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and most designer drugs. Quite often, the actual presence of one of the above substances will be found during the course of a narcotic sniff. In other instances, the scent of a substance may be present and yet no physical evidence is found. This is what we call a "residual odor".

We are not affiliated with law enforcement or other government agencies and we do not notify them of our findings.


1. K9's are NOT used to search people/students
2. K9's are NOT brought in or used for intimidation
3. Students have a "right" to attend and learn in a safe, drug free school


Our objective is to detect and eliminate drugs in your home. We offer parents, spouses and employers of domestic workers a private, discreet and confidential solution to confirm or disprove the presence of drugs. Early intervention is widely regarded as the key to prevention.

You will escort our K9 team from room to room and observe the inspection activities. We will search all rooms, garage, vehicles and any out buildings that you have on your property. If the dog picks up a scent, it is trained to sit and the handler marks the spot.

We ask that the person of interest not be present to avoid any conflict. This will prevent the individual from knowing you had a search performed and will eliminate any feelings of anger, embarrassment or resentment.

Our service enables the parent to privately handle potential embarrassment and the financial burden associated with hiring a lawyer to defend a teen drug user in the event that he or she is arrested. The teen drug user is also saved from the stigma of a criminal record that includes drug charges, which may prevent a recovered drug user from getting a good job in the future.

Real Estate professionals also find our service invaluable for detecting the presence of dangerous methamphetamine residual contaminants prior to selling, purchasing or renting properties.

The K9 employees

We chose Labradors for our working dogs, not only for their high drive but also because they are friendly and non-intimidating. Since we are going into private homes, schools and businesses, we wanted dogs that are not aggressive or threatening.

Fergus - a black labrador retriever that was adopted from the Colorado Humane Society. He is currently in training.

Bailey - a black labrador that was trained in Little Rock Arkansas for all major narcotics by Little Rock K9 Academy. She is 1 1/2 years old, and her favorite game is "get the tennis ball."

Italy - a chocolate labrador retriever that is a Certified Explosive Detection K9 that Justin worked with at Disneyland Park in California. Italy retired from Disneyland in 2007. Her favorite activities are hogging the couch and volunteering as a pet therapy dog (still a very dynamic dog!) at a local senior center. Italy is the company's official mascot and ambassador of good will.

Filling a hole

Justin told me that his service fills a hole. I would add that this probably also helps give parents, school administrators and business owners a peace of mind. When contracted to do so, he and his dogs go into a school or commercial facility about nine times per year to conduct random searches. He also has begun to search some rehabilitation centers. His service can be customized according to the needs of the facility.

Please visit their website and call Justin at (303) 717-7828 or send him an e-mail for more information.

Below are a couple of very short videos showing how the dogs work. Notice that the dogs sit quickly to let Justin know when they locate something.

This first one is Bailey (formerly known as Phoenix) at work:


Here is a demo of Fergus:

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