Investigators Use Cadaver Dogs to Search For Missing Woman

Thomas County investigators continue to search for clues in the missing woman's case of Glenda Quisenberry.
Investigators say in 1989 Quisenberry lived in a trailer off Lost Arrow Road with her then boyfriend Jerry Hobbs. Authorities say after a brutal attack with Hobbs, Quisenberry went to a shelter for battered women. And from there she was never seen or heard from again.

Lieutenant Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff's Department says, "We are searching the area where Mr. Hobbs admitted to investigators that he brought her the night she disappeared."
When the case re-opened in April Hobbs was charged with Quisenberry's murder. Two months later the charges were dropped because of insufficient evidence.
On Saturday morning, cadaver dogs and their trainers searched 125 acres of land off of Lost Arrow Road in Thomas county looking for Quisenberry's remains. "We would like to find Mrs. Quisenberry and give her back to her family and to resolve this case" says Watkins.
Officials say cadaver dogs could be key in finding evidence that could explain what actually happened the night Quisenberry disappeared.
Heidy Drawdy with South Georgia Search Dogs says, "They can find human scent when people can't, their sense of smell is extremely strong they can find bodies that are buried and they can even find bodies in water."
Investigators will continue to search thie area for the next two days and follow new leads. Anyone one with information on Glenda Quisenberry's disappearance is asked to call the Thomas County Sheriff's Department at 229.225.3315.

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