Husband of missing Greeley woman arrested

The husband of a woman who disappeared in 1995 has been charged with murder, though no new evidence has been discovered.
John Sandoval, 44, was arrested Thursday in Las Vegas on a first-degree murder warrant in the death of his wife, Kristina Sandoval. She died in October 1995.
"It's very good news," said Mary Ellen Tournai, Kristina's mother. "We're all very happy charges have been filed."
Sandoval is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas and is waiting extradition to Weld County.
District Attorney Kenneth Buck, who began serving in 2004, said the decision to file charges against Sandoval was reached without new evidence surfacing in the case. Greeley police officers reinvestigated the case and presented it to him recently, he said.
"This case is substantially the same as it was years ago," Buck said in an interview Thursday.
The possibility that Kristina Sandoval moved away and never contacted her family becomes less plausible over time, he said. A death certificate was issued for her in 2002.
John Sandoval was a suspect from the first day his estranged wife disappeared. Charges were never filed largely because Kristina Sandoval's body was never found, authorities previously said.
"We have long held out hope that Kristina's remains would be located, but at this point in time, this does not seem likely," said Michael and Mary Ellen Tournai in a statement. "We support the decision to move ahead and prosecute John Sandoval."
John Sandoval and Kristina Tournai were married in 1991 while the two were enrolled at Aims Community College in Greeley.
At the time, John Sandoval had numerous arrests in California and Colorado on suspicion of assault, marijuana possession, sexual assault, burglary, peeking into windows of college students, trespassing and harassment.
Before she disappeared, Kristina Sandoval confided to her family that when she told her husband she was going to leave him, he put a pistol to his head and threatened to kill himself, court records say.
She told several co-workers, her doctor, her friends and family that she was worried that he would harm her, according to an arrest warrant affidavit released Thursday.
Kristina Sandoval, a nurse at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, finished the graveyard shift Oct. 19 and went to the house that she once shared with her husband. She was never seen again.
She had told her sister, Susan Tournai, that she was apprehensive about meeting her estranged husband to collect his part of the taxes they owed. She promised to call her sister after the meeting, Susan Tournai said in a previous interview.
Kristina Sandoval never made the call.
Police went to John Sandoval's house and found a white 5-gallon bucket and a new shovel with mud on the spade. Next to the front seat of his car was a loaded 9mm handgun. In the back, they found rope and a flashlight with a holder that allowed it to be worn around the neck. In his home, they found her credit cards.
He had fresh scratches on his neck and upper chest.
Kristina Sandoval's car was found in an apartment complex lot several blocks from John Sandoval's house. A police dog picked up his scent at his wife's car and tracked the scent to Sandoval's house, Mary Ellen Tournai said.
John Sandoval has never agreed to speak with police about the disappearance.

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