Elderly man survives four days in well

An 84-year-old man is in good spirits after spending four days in a well shaft.
Port Alice resident Robert Bennett was tracking a water source on his “sprawling” property he became trapped in a well.
It wasn’t until Tuesday that a business partner of Bennett’s called police to express his concerned for the elderly man, who had not been heard from for three days.
RCMP arrived at Bennett’s home – about 45 minutes drive from Port Alice – but could find no signs of him.
A large-scale search was organized for Wednesday morning.
A police dog named “Nick” was called in to help with the search and it immediately paid dividends.
Nick was able to pick up Bennett’s scent and led police to a dry well shaft located at the side of a mountain.
Inside, they found Bennett, who seemed to be perfectly healthy despite his four day ordeal.
“Mr. Bennett, at 84-years-old, has shown us that age means nothing when you have the will to survive,” said Cpl. Michelle LeBrun of the Port Alice RCMP.

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