Details emerge from original Sandoval investigation

Several pieces of the investigation into the disappearance and possible killing of Tina Tournai Sandoval were never revealed as the investigation was ongoing. The arrest affidavit that was released Thursday revealed facts of the investigation that had never been made public before:» John Sandoval had been planning to leave Greeley for good on Oct. 21, 1995, two days after Tournai Sandoval disappeared.» After Sandoval was arrested for questioning, he was videotaped feverishly cleaning beneath his fingernails after refusing to allow police to collect fingernail scrapings from him. When police restrained him to keep him from destroying evidence, he was observed moving his chair so he could continue biting and inspecting his fingernails.» Sandoval did not cooperate with police when they photographed apparent fingernail scratches on his neck and torso. He often moved erratically to prevent the pictures from being taken.» While at the hospital receiving treatment for his scratch wounds, Sandoval asked an X-ray technician, “Have you ever done something that you wished you hadn't?”» A tracking dog was called in from Fort Collins. The dog tracked a scent from Tournai Sandoval's car, where it was found two blocks away from the Sandoval home. The scent was presumably the last person to drive that car, and it led to John Sandoval's house. The dog also traced that same scent to John Sandoval in the emergency room of the North Colorado Medical Center.» Friends told police that Tournai Sandoval told them John had threatened to kill her if she ever left him.» A friend of Tournai Sandoval's reported that she had tried to leave John Sandoval twice before; each time he threatened to hurt or kill himself if she left him.» Police interviewed Sandoval's hairstylist, who reported that in early October 1995, John told her he was depressed because of his pending divorce and had spent “three days sitting in his darkened bedroom.” He told her he gave his wife everything and couldn't understand why she'd leave him.» Sandoval told friends that the meeting he had set up with his wife was for the two to get back together.» As Sandoval commiserated with a friend about the divorce the night before the disappearance, the friend told police Sandoval ended the conversation with, “Too bad we just can't kill them.”Source: Greeley police affidavit for the arrest of John Sandoval

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