Coffee shop crime thwarted in Lincoln

Lincoln – The local Dunkin' Donuts shop was burglarized early this morning for the second time this month, but this time, the alleged burglar didn't get away with much.
Police Chief Ted Smith said the shop was closed and empty just after midnight when someone broke in and was getting ready to take off with some cash.
But the heist was interrupted, Smith said, when a delivery truck pulled in and scared the man away.
"He left most of the money behind," Smith said.
Local police, joined by a state police tracking dog, spent several hours on the trail of the man.
"The dog had the scent but it was raining so hard" it was lost, he said.
Investigators are still piecing together what happened and Smith said he is talking with Plymouth police, where the Dunkin' Donuts shop there has also been burglarized.
Smith said police have a vague description of the man involved in this morning's incident -- average height and wearing blue jeans.
Anyone with information can call the Lincoln police department at 745-2238.

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