Federal prosecutors to seek death penalty for Wade

by Channel 2 News staff
Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Federal prosecutors said in a court filing Thursday that they would seek the death penalty for Joshua Wade, who is accused of murdering his neighbor, nurse Mindy Schloss, in 2007.

Wade, 29, is charged with kidnapping, torturing and murdering Schloss, who lived next door to Wade. He is also charged with one federal count of felony carjacking for stealing Schloss' car.

The FBI also says Wade stole $1,000 from Schloss, using her bank card just days after she went missing.

Alaska is not a death penalty state, but carjacking becomes a federal crime, according to statutes, when the offender does so intending to kill or seriously harm the victim.

Other factors in the prosecutor's decision to seek the death penalty include lack of remorse from Wade, his status as a violent sex offender and low hopes of any rehabilitation.

Prosecutors also plan to bring up another murder case in court.

Court documents show prosecutors plan to prove Wade raped and killed another woman, Della Brown, in September of 2000.

A jury acquitted Wade of Brown's murder, but did find him guilty of tampering with evidence.

Schloss disappeared in August of 2007. Police found her body the next month with a gunshot wound to the head near Wasilla on a road off of Knik Goose Bay Road.

Wade was arrested after a standoff in east Anchorage in September of 2007.

If convicted and sentenced to death, Wade would be the first Alaska criminal executed since 1950.

Wade's trial is scheduled to begin this fall.

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