SLED bloodhound finds burglary suspects

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division bloodhoud led police to four suspects accused of breaking into a Batesburg-Leesville business.

Police Chief Wallace Oswald asked for the help of SLED’s tracking team around 5:30 Wednesday morning to search for people who burglarized a local business.
SLED said “Judy” the bloodhound picked up a scent and tracked it through the woods.

She located and sniffed more evidence that was along the way.

Judy kept tracking approximately one mile through the woods to a nearby road.

SLED said she led police to footprints in a sandy area of the roadway and eventually to a house that’s not far from the crime scene.
Batesburg-Leesville police later brought four people from the house in for questioning.
SLED said police arrested “several individuals.“

Charges were pending.

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