Police display new murder evidence

A FUBU jacket found near a murder scene a year ago might play a vital role in bringing the killers of a young Halifax man to justice.

Investigators released photos of the shiny silver and black jacket on Thursday in hopes it will lead them to whoever killed Jaumar Carvery.

“We believe it belongs to one of the suspects in the shoot­ing," said Sgt. Kevin Smith of the Halifax Regional Police/ RCMP integrated major crime unit. “There’s potential here for people to possibly recognize it and come forward.

“We want to make sure we keep this investigation in the public eye."

Mr. Carvery, a 21-year-old fa­ther of two, was shot five times just after midnight last May 3 at an intersection of two walk­ways — Sunrise Walk and Mid­dle Lane — in the Uniacke Square neighbourhood off Got­tingen Street in Halifax.

Sgt. Smith spoke to reporters at the crime scene near a me­morial tribute to Mr. Carvery, a former high school basketball star who was about to start a job as a maintenance worker. The memorial, protected by a blue tarpaulin, contains doz­ens of cards, candles, teddy bears, flowers and poems.

Sgt. Smith said Mr. Carvery was living about 50 metres south of the shooting scene and went out that night to meet his brother on Sunrise Walk — they intended to go downtown — but was intercepted by at least three people before he got there.

He was shot four times in the chest and once in the heart, his mother said, and he died in hos­pital.

Police officers on foot patrol on nearby Gottingen Street heard the shots and ran to in­vestigate. One suspect was seen running north from the scene, Sgt. Smith said.

A police dog later followed a trail about 200 metres north to Wood Avenue.

The officers found the jacket but the dog lost the scent there, suggesting the suspects may have fled in a car.

Sgt. Smith said police have done forensics work on the jacket but he wouldn’t talk about what they learned.

“That’s sensitive informa­tion and we’re not going to re­lease it to the public," he said.

Asked why investigators Sgt. Smith said investigators have received good co-oper­ation from witnesses and com­munity members. “We’ve got some persons of interest, without question," he said.

But he compared the situa­tion to a puzzle and said police may know a lot about the shoot­ing but they need to learn more. “Knowing what occurred — and by no means do we think we know everything — is one thing (and) proving it is another. That’s a burden we have to con­tend with."
In December, the victim’s mother, Ordra (Susie) Carvery, spoke of her frustration with the pace of the police investiga­tion and pleaded for the public to help.

“My son died a horrible, hor­rible death," she said at the time.

Ms. Carvery said it’s no se­cret who the suspects are or that they targeted her son out of jealousy. She declined to comment on Thursday.

A little more than four weeks after Mr. Carvey’s killing, the body of Daniel Martin New­man, 65, was found in the same neighbourhood, along a path­way next to St. Patrick’s-Alex­andra School on Maitland Street. He had been stabbed to death.

That crime also remains un­solved, but police have said they have no reason to believe the two killings are related.

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