Behind the Scenes: Bloodhounds track down criminals

AIKEN CTY, S.C. --- They track down the criminals and the missing and we take you behind the scenes on a bloodhound training school in Aiken County.

We tagged along as several dogs and their partners from all across the Southeast came to Aiken County this week for intense training. They head into swamps and do basically anything they need to train to catch the criminals.

We headed into the woods when we tracked a fake criminal with Holly, a 6 month old bloodhound from Calhoun County, Alabama. We were with her trainer Bill Schaubel.

Back here at home in Aiken County, their bloodhounds are very busy. They are at bank robberies, murder scenes and more. Basically, anywhere a nose is needed and a criminal's scent leads the way.

"They do their part of the job and they expect us to do our part of the job," says Lt. Chad Hyler with the ACSO. "Together, we get the job done."

It costs about $8,000 a year to keep the Aiken County Bloodhounds fed and on their paws. Last year, they got almost 200 calls to be used and ended up with a 44% success rate. We're told so far this year that success rate is even higher.

Aiken County has 14 bloodhounds currently. They are all born here in Aiken County. Some of the bloodhounds are trained and sent to other agencies throughout the area.

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