Dog evidence permitted into murder suspect’s trial

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A decision made by a judge Thursday afternoon concludes that evidence tracked down by FBI bloodhounds can be used in the case against Joshua Wade, who's accused of murdering Anchorage nurse Mindy Schloss.

An FBI bloodhound named Tinkerbell worked the case, and prosecutors say three times she led investigators from related crime scenes back to Wade's house.

The FBI said the scent later associated with Wade led them from Schloss's abandoned car and from two ATM locations where her bank card was used, right to his home on Cutty Sark Drive.

They also say the dogs picked up Wade's and Schloss' scents in multiple locations in Kincaid Park, and where Schloss's body was found in Wasilla.

Wade's defense team challenged the accuracy of the dog trails, and the methods used by agents.

But on Thursday federal Judge Ralph Beistline rejected the attempt by the defense to have the dog trail evidence kept out of Wade's trial.

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